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Water Based Sealers Products

Water based paving sealer
898 travertine
dense stone sealer
decorative concrete
Pro Seal 896 concrete sealer on pool paving
polished concrete
Flake flooring resurfacing
Pavement sealer for Travertine Pro Seal 896
burnish slab sealed with Pro Seal 896
Granite alfresco sealed with Pro Seal
Liquid Limestone Sealed with Por Polish 770 and Pro Seal 896
versatile sealer for polished concrete
paving sealer porous concrete paver sealer
Pro Seal 896 on Liquid Limestone


Eco Friendly label

Our products are all eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are safe for the environment and safe for you! They all come in a concentrate form, saving on packaging and reducing the overall environmental footprint.

concrete and stone sealer

New nano-technology. Our products have been engineered using cross-linking acrylic polymers and are revolutionary stone and concrete sealers. They are unlike any other sealer on the market today!

water clean up label

All products are diluted with water before application. They are easy to apply, with a sprayer or micro fibre mop. Equipment is easily cleaned with water after use.

…one of the most important features of the Water Based Sealers’ products is that they are the ONLY SEALER DESIGNED TO BE APPLIED TO A WET SURFACE!

Protective Coatings & Sealers

Pro Seal 898 Concentrate

  • Smallest Nano Polymers in the Water Based Sealers range.
  • Premium Grade, Non-Toxic, UV Stable Sealer.
  • Suitable for use on dense materials. Polished Stone, Polished Concrete, Marble, Granite, Travertine & Terrazzo.
  • Super tight cross-linking forms a tight matrix below surface.
  • Premium Stain Protection.
  • Applied to a wet surface immediately after cleaning.
  • Applied to concrete straight out of the mould.
  • Will not whiten, flake or yellow.
  • Increases surface quality & durability.
  • Gloss finish obtained by multiple coats.
  • Can be buffed to achieve very high gloss levels.

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Pro Seal 896 Concentrate

Pro seal 896

  • Premium Grade, UV Stable Sealer.
  • Non toxic & Eco friendly.
  • Suitable for Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Stone & other paved surfaces.
  • Tight cross-linking forms a tight matrix below surface.
  • Premium Stain Protection against oil, dirt & other stains.
  • Applied to a wet surface immediately after cleaning.
  • Will not whiten, flake or yellow.
  • Increases surface quality & durability.
  • Saves time & money.
  • Can be buffed to a high gloss finish.

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Pro Seal 770 Concentrate

Pro seal 770

  •  A pure Acrylic Polymer Binder.
  • Used for wet grout honing and polishing to create a fine UV stable finish.
  • Mixes wet grinding dust to produce a fine hard finish by filling holes in surface.
  • Enhances colours that have faded from the weather & elements.
  • Used as add-mix for coloured concrete toppings.
  • Used as a first coat to reduce porosity of very porous surfaces.
  • Applied in 2 step sealing process with Pro Seal 896 or Pro Seal 898.
  • Non toxic & Eco friendly.

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Pro Primer 575 Concentrate

pro primer 575

  • A super strong concrete binder and water reducer. 
  • Us as an admix to create super strong & water proof concrete.
  • Increases surface strength and water resistance of concrete when applied topically.
  • An excellent primer for spray-on coloured cement finishes.
  • Apply directly onto new concrete for rapid cure to save fresh slabs from rain damage.
  • Stabilises & strengthens friable surfaces.
  • Excellent primer for rendered & plastered walls.
  • The hidden armour that protects your assets!

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