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ProSeal vs Generic Acrylic Sealer

PRO SEAL vs GENERIC ACRYLIC SEALERS ProSeal 896 and ProSeal 898 are sealing products which is far superior in quality and performance than other types of acrylic sealer available on the market, both water-based and oil based (often referred to as solvent based). Made from high-quality acrylic copolymers, ProSeal crosslinks together as it cures. This … Read more

Water Based vs Solvent Based Sealers

WATER BASED vs SOLVENT BASED SEALERS Water based sealers generally do not have a great reputation.  But just like in the paint industry, there has been much research and development into producing water based, non-toxic sealers that will out-perform solvent based sealers.  The Pro Seal range from Water Based Sealers, and the ProtectGuard range from … Read more

The Best Sealer for Stone Walls

THE BEST SEALER FOR STONE WALLS For more than 20 years ProtectGuard has protected the limestone on this building and kept it looking like new.  More than 20 years performance, on a product that Guard Industry ‘only’ guarantee for 10 years! ProtectGuard has a unique fluorinated co-polymer chemistry that repels all kinds of liquids. The … Read more

Forget Everything You Know About Water Based Sealing Products…

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT WATER BASED SEALING PRODUCTS! Water based sealing products generally have a poor reputation. The very first water based sealers and paints introduced back in the 60’s and 70’s had to compete with well established solvent based technology, and understandably there was a bit of ground to make up in terms … Read more

Stop Oil Stains with ProSeal 896 Concrete Sealer

PRO SEAL 896 PROTECTS CONCRETE AGAINST OIL STAINS Oil Stain Protection Stop oil stains before they occur with ProSeal 896 Concrete Sealer. Ninety percent of garage’s have plain grey concrete floors.  Reality is that cars often leak oil and once the oil has penetrated down into concrete it is virtually impossible to remove. Oil stains … Read more

No need to Acid Wash Exposed Aggregate Pavement

NO NEED TO ACID WASH EXPOSED AGGREGATE! Yes it’s true – with Pro Seal 896 you no longer need to acid wash new exposed aggregate.  Just lay the concrete, expose the aggregate and immediately seal with Pro Seal 896. You will save time, money and best of all, the customer will have their brand new … Read more

Why Pro Seal 896 is the Best Exposed Aggregate Concrete Sealer

Why Pro Seal 896 is the Best Concrete Sealer for Exposed Aggregate Sealing with Pro Seal 896 exposed aggregate concrete sealer allows you to achieve superior results with less materials & less time at lower costs! ProSeal 896 concrete sealer is the best exposed aggregate sealer on the market!  If you aren’t using ProSeal 896 on … Read more

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