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Water Based Sealers

Water Based Sealers products are ideal decorative concrete sealers. They penetrate the surface to deliver outstanding stain resistance that will never delaminate or discolour. All the products in the range are compatible and can be utilised in different layered configurations to deliver the best sealing system for your requirements. Suitable for exposed aggregate, honed, and coloured concrete.

Pro Seal 770 is a completely cementitious compatible UV stable sealer and binder.  Use Pro Seal 770:

  • as a first coat on all oxide coloured concrete surfaces to subtly enhance and stabilise the colour;
  • as a first coat on highly porous concrete to reduce water absorption rates prior to application of ProSeal 896 or ProSeal 898 top coats.

Pro Seal 896 is a nano acrylic copolymer sealer that is designed to provide exceptional stain resistance without significantly reducing breathability.  Use Pro Seal 896:

  • As a top coat over Pro Seal 770;
  • As a standalone sealer on uncoloured concrete slabs;
  • To improve water retention of new slabs for improved curing, and surface crack minimisation.

Pro Seal 898 is based on the same chemistry as the ProSeal 896 but has a smaller individual polymer size for create tighter cross linking. This produces increased stain resistance and water repellency. It will also provide a much higher gloss finish on smooth dense surfaces.  Use Pro Seal 898:

Guard Industry concrete sealers are ideal for non slip applications as they do not leave any surface film. They are high performance and can be used with confidence in public open spaces where slip issues are likely, such as on smooth, honed floors and around pools. Since they don’t form a surface film they are completely breathable.

ProtectGuardHD is non film forming fluorinated co-polymer based sealer. It is completely invisible and will not alter the look or texture of the concrete. The sealer is both hydrophobic and oleophobic so water and oils will bead on the surface. It is designed for us in high traffic areas and has very good stain resistance and anti graffiti properties.  Use ProtectGuard HD:

  • to achieve a completely natural look;
  • in areas where a non slip surface is a must. Ideal around pools and in public open spaces.

ProtectGuard WF Premium is a full penetrating, wet look sealer. It provides a true, long lasting, wet-out dark look without building a surface film. Since it is leaves no surface film a dark, low sheen finish can be achieved and the natural grip levels of the concrete are retained. Best of all is that it is completely breathable so it doesn’t suffer from premature delamination like other “wet-look” sealers on the market.  Use ProtectGuard WF Premium:

  • to achieve a proper, long lasting, wet look finish.
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