Forget Everything You Know About Water Based Sealing Products

Water based sealing products generally have a poor reputation. The very first water based sealers and paints introduced back in the 60's and 70's had to compete with well established solvent based technology, and understandably there was a bit of ground to make up in terms of performance. Sadly, some of the earlier water based technology is still available at the bottom end of the market today and perpetuates the myth that all water based sealing products are rubbish.

Water Based Sealers products are completely different to any water based products you may have used previously.

These products are founded on a completely different design philosophy and utilise completely different chemistry to other sealers on the market.  This enables us to overcome most issues that give traditional water based products a bad reputation.

Pro Seal vs Traditional Water Based Sealers

Applied to WET surfaces Must be applied to DRY surfaces
Extreme penetration for deep seal and superior adhesion Low penetration surface film former with weak adhesion
High crosslinking for stable sealer performance and unwavering durability No/low crosslinking. Prone to swell and contract in wet environments. May temporarily turn white.
Medium to high gloss levels – can be buffed Low to medium gloss levels
Very high tolerance to oils and chemicals Low resistance to oils and chemicals

The time has come to say goodbye to toxic sealers! Gone are the days when you had to choose between high performance or looking after your health and the environment. Have it all!

Make the switch to Water Based Sealers products today!

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