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WA Sealers have products suitable for most landscaping sealing requirements. The Water Based Sealer products can be applied to wet surfaces thereby providing a level of versatility that is simply not possible with other sealing products. Seal a driveway the day after it’s poured so it’s protected prior to planting and mulching. Use an admix in retaining wall mortar to improve workability and eliminate efflorescence. Clean and seal delicate feature stone the day it’s built to provide early protection and make more efficient use of your time. Reduce workarounds, return trips and call backs by using reliable sealers that won’t dictate your schedule, but are ready to go whenever you are!

After a completely natural look sealer? Guard Industry products utilise advanced fluoropolymer technology to deliver outstanding repellency without altering the appearance of the surface. High performance repellers for water, oil, stains and even graffiti.

What about a proper penetrating wet look sealer? ProtectGuard WF Premium is a true penetrating sealer that provides a long lasting wet look finish.

Use Pro Primer 575:

  • As an admix for making super strong and waterproof concrete;
  • As a primer on dusting friable surfaces prior to plastering, painting, or cladding.

Use Pro Seal 770:

  • As a first coat for highly porous substrates. Ideal for limestone!
  • As a first coat on oxide coloured concrete to stabilise and subtly enhance colour;
  • As an admix in mortars and screeds for improved workability, strength and efflorescence control.

Use Pro Seal 896:

  • As a final coat over Pro Seal 770;
  • As a standalone penetrating matrix sealer that provides outstanding stain protection but allows concrete & stone work to breathe.

Use Pro Seal 898:

  • On dense stonework for a penetrating acrylic seal that will protect from within;
  • Over Pro Seal 770 or Pro Seal 896 to give a higher gloss finish to sealed surfaces.

Use ImperGuard:

  • for a natural look water repellent seal on walls and features

Use Protect Guard:

  • for a natural look sealer that is also oil and stain repellent;
  • to provide invisible graffiti protection

Use ProtectGuard HD:

  • for a natural look sealer which is designed to handle foot and vehicle traffic
  • can be used in place of ProtectGuard whenever highly abrasive environments are likely

Use GuardHardener W:

  • to stabilise friable materials;
  • to protect surfaces at risk of salt spall;

Use ProtectGuard WF Premium:

  • for a penetrating wet look colour enhancement.
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