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Yes it’s true – with Pro Seal 896 you no longer need to acid wash new exposed aggregate.  Just lay the concrete, expose the aggregate and immediately seal with Pro Seal 896. You will save time, money and best of all, the customer will have their brand new concrete protected against stains from day one!

ProSeal 896 is specially designed to be applied to wet surfaces and is not affected by the high alkalinity of fresh concrete. The nano sized polymers in ProSeal 896 use water as a conduit to get deep into the concrete surface. As the sealer cures these polymers link together to form an interlocking matrix that not only seals the surfaces but also strengthens it and locks in moisture to improve curing.

In some instances acid washing may still be preferred to remove residual latency from the aggregate. This is particularly relevant for black or very dark stones. In such cases ProSeal 896 Concrete Sealer can be applied straight after an acid wash. There is no need to wait for the concrete to dry! 

Watch the video below and for more information read our post explaining the process or call James on 0477 755 094.

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