ProtectGuard MG Eco

Dense Surface Sealer

ProtectGuard® MG Eco is specifically formulated to protect dense surfaces. It is designed to penetrate surfaces of very low porosity such as marble, granite, ceramic, polished and crystalline surfaces and all other smooth dense mineral substrates.

It provides 10 years of protection against water, oils, stains and soils. ProtectGuard® MG Eco is a water based, non-toxic, VOC free product. It also meets the requirements for EU food contact compliance and can therefore be used with confidence in all food preparation areas.

NOTE:  Average coverage 14m2/L (depending on surface porosity)

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Protect Guard®  Marble and Granite Sealer is a product designed to protect low and very low porosity substrates.  It prevents penetration by water, oil, grease, weak acids (fruit juice, ketchup, etc.) as well as all types of soiling.

Protect Guard® MG Eco is a new generation water based product. It is significantly less hazardous than other products available in the market. Indeed, it is not classified as either corrosive or irritant. This product exceeds European standards for food contact compliance. So it is completely Food Safe! Use with confidence on kitchen bench tops and other food preparation surfaces.

Protect Guard® MG Eco is an impregnation, non film forming product. Treated materials remain permeable to air and water vapour. This allows the surfaces to breathe. Providing clean and healthy surfaces.

Protect Guard® MG Eco is colourless and does not change the look or composition of the treated material. In addition, it is UV resistant and does not discolor with age.

For more porous materials consider using Protect Guard or Protect Guard HD.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

5 Litre


Natural Look


Water Based


Hydrophobic (Water Repellent), Oil Repellent, Penetrating, Stain Protection

Product Type



Guard Industry


  • Effective for more than 10 years
  • Protects against water, oily liquids
  • Anti-staining and anti-soiling
  • EU food contact compliance**
  • Limits surface moss and lichen growth
  • Prevents deterioration resulting from freeze-thaw cycle
  • Non film-forming, lets the surface breathe
  • Cost-effective, a small quantity of product is sufficient to protect a large surface
  • UV-resistant, does not discolour
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Ready to use, easy to use


  • Drying Time:
    – 1 hour
    – Protected drying: 24 hours

    – on very low porous, crystalised or polished materials, polish with a microfibre cloth after drying of the treatment.
    – Optimum effectiveness obtained after 7 days
  • Coverage:
    – Average: ~14m2/litre
    – Low porous materials: 10-12m2/litre
    – Polished or crystalised materials: 15-20m2/litre
  • Clean-up:  Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water.
  • Equipment needed:  Roller, brush, microfibre cloth or flat mop.
  • Odour:  Slight

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ProtectGuard® MG Eco can be used inside and outside on all vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for treating all low and very low porous materials: marble, granite, ceramic, polished and crystallised surfaces, stoneware porcelain and all  smooth mineral substrates, especially low porosity silica-limestone materials.

ProtectGuard® MG Eco is used for new and renovated constructions.


Surface preparation:

  • Apply the product to a surface that is clean, dust-free, greasefree and dry. To remove greasy stains use Guard Cleaner® Eco Soiled Floors. For efflorescence, laitance or concrete bloom use Guard Remover® Eco Efflorescence & Cement. Surface preparation ensures good efficiency of the treatment.
  • Rinse carefully and wait until the surface is completely free from any cleaner marks before applying ProtectGuard® MG Eco.


  • Shake the product well before use
  • Use neat, do not dilute
  • Always carry out a preliminary test
  • The treated surface should be impregnated in a single application
  • Let the product penetrate and dry (from 10 to 60 min. depending on the porosity and temperature of material)
  • Do not over apply the product; remove any excess with a clean cloth by swabbing before the product dries.
  • On very low porous, crystallized or polished materials, polish with a microfiber cloth after drying of the treatment.

Environment & Safety

Environment-friendly product:

  • Water-based product
  • Non hazardous: petroleum solvent free and non toxic
  • Biodegradable > 75%*
  • VOC < 1 g/l*

Data Sheets

ProtectGuard MG Eco 1
Safety Data Sheet
ProtectGuard MG Eco 2
Technical Data Sheet


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