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ProtectGuard® Plant Based




ProtectGuard Plant Based Breathable, UV Stable Urethane Sealer

ProtectGuard® Plant Based High Performance Biosourced Sealer

ProtectGuard Plant Based Sealer provides Acid Resistance to poolside limestoneProtectGuard Plant Based is a breathable, UV stable, urethane based sealer. It is a high performance water and oil repellent sealer suitable for all porous floors and facades. This matt finish sealer has a very high level of chemical resistance and good abrasion resistance. It is therefore ideal for protecting materials that are at risk of damage from chemicals, in particular acids. This sealer is perfect for areas that are subject to pedestrian traffic because it also slightly increases the natural grip of most materials.

It is suitable for use on a wide range of materials including:

  • concrete.
  • travertine.
  • synthetic stone.
  • granite.
  • non polished and non crystallised marble.

ProtectGuard Plant Based protects materials against water, stains and chemicals. Treated surfaces will repel staining of all kinds and be much easier to keep clean. Materials treated with ProtectGuard®  Plant Based will look as new for far longer, and will be much easier to maintain.

ProtectGuard Plant Based is a semi penetrating impregnating treatment. Treated surfaces remain permeable to air and water vapour. It provides invisible protection on most materials but may provide some subtle colour enhancement on some. It is recommended to test a small sample area to see if and how the sealer may alter the look of your specific application. It is also UV-resistant and does not discolour with age.

ProtectGuard® Plant Based won’t make Materials Slippery

Non Slip Sealer LogoProtectGuard® Plant Based will not make surfaces more slippery than the raw material. More impressive is that in most instances this sealer will accually improve the grip levels. This enhancement can be as much as a 20 point improvement in wet pendulum slip results. This is very important, especially for outdoor applications that will see a lot of foot traffic.

If you have a very slippery surface, you may need something that will enhance the grip significantly, like Guard Slip Resistant. However, if you are missing a slip rating by just a few points, ProtectGuard® Plant Based might just get you across the line. If you need to acheive a particualr slip rating we highly recommend engaging a qualified slip tester to test your materials with and without treatments to determine suitability.

eco friendly sealer

ProtectGuard® Plant Based Sealer is very Environmentally Friendly

ProtectGuard Plant Based sealer is made from renewable biosourced materials. It is safer for applicators, end users and the environment. This penetrating sealer is:

  • Raw materials are more than 50% biosourced renewables.
  • Water-based.
  • Petroleum solvent free.
  • Non hazardous and non toxic.
  • 90% biodegradable.
  • VOC < 12 g/l.

ProtectGuard® Plant-Based is an Acid Resistant Sealer

All the products in the ProtectGuard range will provide protection against water, oils and staining. However, most of them provide only limited protection against strong acids. In most cases this isn’t a problem, since strong acids are rarely encountered in the majority of domestic and public applications. However, some types of materials are especially sensitive to acids and can be etched if exposed for extended periods. Most lime-based materials fit into this category. Acids will dissolve the carbonates in these materials to form a permanent etch mark. Etching is difficult to repair and often requires repolishing of the surface.

Protect lime-based materials against acids with ProtectGuard® Plant-Based Formula!

Common lime based materials include include limestone, travertine, marble, concrete, and plaster. The other products in the range will protect these materials against mildly acidic spills but not against the more commonly encountered medium to strongly acidic food products, like strong vinegars, high acidity wines, or lemon juice. However, ProtectGuard® Plant-Based Formula provides excellent protection against acids.  It also provides better resistance against chemicals such as bleach and most other household cleaning products.

ProtectGuard® Plant-Based Formula is a High Performance Sealer

ProtectGuard® Plant-Based sealer is suitable for sealing most* porous materials. It provides outstanding stain protection, a high level of abrasion and UV resistance and very low water permeability.

ProtectGuard Plant Based Performance data

*ProtectGuard® Plant-Based sealer cannot penetrate into very low porosity materials. Extremely dense, low porosity materials like crystalised marble and highly densified terazzo and concrete we recommend using ProtectGuard MG.

Looking For Something Else? There is a Protect Guard Sealer for Every Application

ProtectGuard® Plant Based is an excellent sealer for most internal and external applications. It is especially good for materials that require protection from acids like: concrete, travertine, limestone, plasters and non crystalised marbles. But if this isn’t what you are after, don’t worry! There is a Protect Guard Sealer to suit every application.

ProtectGuard Sealer Selection Chart

For a heavy duty natural look sealer use ProtectGuard® HD. For high porosity materials consider ProtectGuard®. For very dense materials check out food compliant ProtectGuard® MG Eco. Or if you are after colour enhancement, ProtectGuard® WF Premium wet look sealer will do the trick.

A water droplet test is a handy way to check the porosity of your material. This is a good place to start when deciding which ProtectGuard® sealer is right for your application. Simply put a drop of water on the surface you want to seal. Time how long it takes for the droplet to soak in. Then check it against our selection chart.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

5 Litre, 20 Litre, 250ml


Guard Industry


  • Drying Time:
    – Protected drying: 24 hours
    – Optimum effectiveness obtained after 7 days
  • Coverage:  5-10m²/litre depending on surface porosity
  • Clean-up:  Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water .
  • Equipment needed:  roller


Curing Time:
– Touch dry: 30-60 minutes
– Foot Traffic: 24 hours
– Vehicle Traffic: 72 hours
Coverage:  3-5m²/litre depending on surface porosity (diluted solution)
Dilution:   1:4 (1 part product : 4 parts water).  Porous substrates diluted 1:3 or pre-treat with Pro Polish 770
Clean-up:  Water
Equipment needed:  Pump sprayer or WBS CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) & broom or microfiber mop
Odour:  None

Get SDS Here


ProtectGuard® Plant-Based Formula may be used indoors or outside on walls, floors. It is designed to protect all porous and low porous building materials such as natural and synthetic stone, concrete, terracotta, cement, selflocking paving, granite marble.

On very low porous or polished materials, use ProtectGuard® MG.


Surface preparation:

  • Apply the product to a surface that is clean, dust-free, grease-free and dry. To remove stains greasy stains use Guard Cleaner Eco Soiled Floors or Guard Remover Polluted Facades. For efflorescence, laitance or concrete bloom use Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement.
  • Rinse carefully and wait until the surface is completely free from any cleaner marks. Allow surfaces to dry for 24 – 48 hours.


  • Use neat, do not dilute.
  • Shake the product well before use.
  • Always carry out a preliminary test.
  •  Apply in one uniform coat. On very porous materials, apply the product in two coats with an interval of 15 minutes.
  • Do not spray the product.
  • On vertical surfaces, apply from the bottomup.
  • Do not overload the support, apply a thin layer, taking care to apply the product evenly.
  • NOTE: in some cases, the product may leave white marks on the surface after application. This phenomenon is normal and the traces disappear after complete drying.
  • Drying time: 24 hours.
  • Optimum effectiveness obtained after 7 days.


  • Environment-friendly product:
    •  Raw materials from more than 50% renewable resources of plant origin.
    • 90% biodegradable (calculated based on components data).
    • Non hazardous, water-based product and petroleum solvent free.
    • VOC < 12 g/l*.

Data Sheets

Protectguard Plant Based SDS

ProtectGuard Plant Based TDS

2 reviews for ProtectGuard® Plant Based

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    Excellent product,used for a large verandah that had burnished concrete

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  2. 4 out of 5

    James B.

    Product has worked well for the 1 week it has been applied. Easy to apply with a roller. I am to unable to assess its long term performance.

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