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ImperGuard is a high performance water repellent product for protecting porous walls, facades and roofs from humidity. ImperGuard penetrates deeply into the pores of the material to make it impermeable to water and so prevent the harmful effects of humidity: infiltration’s, acid rain, erosion, freeze / thaw cycle, moss and lichen growth, efflorescence, saltpetre, etc.

The chemical composition of the solution also enables it to perform as well as a solvent-phase product. The water-repellent properties of ImperGuard are therefore developed very quickly (within a few hours to 3 days).

ImperGuard also has an anti dusting action and hardens the surface of materials.  ImperGuard is a penetrating, non-film-forming product. The substrate remains permeable to air and water vapour. Water will bead off treated surfaces, but moisture in the substrate can still escape as water vapour.

Completely colourless after application, it modifies neither the appearance nor the nature of the treated material. In addition, it is completely resistant to UV light and does not yellow with age.

If you also need protection against oils, stains and/or graffiti consider upgrading to ProtectGuard or ProtectGuard HD.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions N/A

5 Litre, 20 Litre, 250ml


Natural Look


Water Based


Hydrophobic (Water Repellent), Penetrating

Product Type



Guard Industry


  • Excellent water-repellent properties.
  • Quick and long-lasting efficiency (> 5 years)
  • Prevents penetration by water.
  • Limits the development of efflorescence.
  • Limits moss and lichen growth.
  • Prevents frost/thaw damage.
  • Anti-dusting action.
  • Non-film-forming – allows substrate to breathe.
  • UV-resistant – does not yellow.
  • Invisible after drying.
  • Ready and easy to use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Non corrosive and non flammable


  • Drying Time:
    – Protected drying: 24 hours
    – Maximum effectiveness achieved after 2 to 3 days
  • Coverage:  3-6m²/litre depending on surface porosity
  • Clean-up:  Water
  • Equipment needed:  low pressure sprayer, roller or brush
  • Odour:  Slight


ImperGuard can be used indoors and out on vertical surfaces and roofs. It is ideal for the water-repellent treatment of porous materials such as natural stone, concrete, rendering, brick, terracotta, cement…

ImperGuard is used for new works or refurbishment.


Surface preparation:
Apply the product to a surface that is clean, dust-free, grease-free and dry. To remove stains and marks of pollution use Guard Cleaner Polluted Facades or Guard Wash®. For efflorescence, laitance or concrete bloom use Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement.


  • Use neat, do not dilute.
  • Shake the product well before use. Always carry out a preliminary test.
  • The treated surface should be impregnated to saturation point, either in one application or in two applications ‘wet-on-wet’.
  • Always apply from bottom to top.
  • Do not overcharge the substrate – remove all excess before it dries. Risk of white stains in case of excess.

Environment & Safety

  • Environment-friendly product
  • Petroleum solvent free
  • Safe and non toxic
  • Biodegradable > 90%* at 28 days
  • VOC < 1 g/l*
  • Respiratory protection : Under normal conditions of use where adequate ventilation is available, no special respiratory protection equipment is needed.
  • Hand protection: Wear latex gloves.
  • Skin protection: No special protective clothing or skin protection is required under normal conditions of use.
  • Eye protection: If there is a real risk of splashing, wear protective goggles.
  • If swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Contact a doctor or a specialist.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet – ImperGuard
Safety Data Sheet – ImperGuard


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