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ProtectGuard Stucco

  • Water & Oil Protection for Stucco, Venetian and Marmorino plaster
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ProtectGuard Stucco

ProtectGuard Stucco is the result of plenty of hard work by the R&D department at Guard Industry. It is the ideal sealer for plaster, lime or cement based plasters, with or without organic binders. It has a strong beading effect and droplets slide off vertical surfaces. This ensures that all permanent spotting is prevented. ProtectGuard Stucco is a revolutionary product. It is an eco friendly, water based product. It is non toxic, solvent free, and silicone free. It’s main use is as a high performance Stucco, Marmorino, Marmorino Lustro, and Venetian Plaster sealer. It will protect such materials against water, oils and other stains.

ProtectGuard Stucco will do more than just keep out stains. It will also protect the plaster from the elements and slow down ageing processes. It is very UV stable and will not yellow over time. So it can be used indoors and outdoors. It makes cleaning much easier and is easy to maintain. Keep your expensive plaster looking great for many years to come.

ProtectGuard® Stucco is an impregnating product. It does not create a surface film. The substrate remains permeable to air. This is essential to ensure ongoing carbonation in lime based renders. It also means that moisture can escape from the wall as water vapour. ProtectGuard Stucco is completely colourless after application. It changes neither the look or the texture of the treated substrate.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

5 Litre, 250ml


Natural Look


Water Based


Hydrophobic (Water Repellent), Oil Repellent, Penetrating, Stain Protection

Product Type



Guard Industry


  • Stain protection for Stucco, Venetian and Marmorino plaster
  • Protects against water, oil and dirt
  • Non-film forming – lets the surface breath
  • Clear finish – does not change a material’s colour
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Delays ageing process
  • Non film-forming, lets the surface breathe
  • UV-resistant, does not discolour
  • Invisible once dry
  • Ready to use, easy to use


  • Drying Time:
    – Protected drying: 24 hours
    – Optimum effectiveness obtained after 7 days
  • Coverage:  2 to 4m²/litre depending on surface porosity
  • Clean-up:  Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water .
  • Equipment needed:  brush
  • Odour:  None


ProtectGuard® Stucco is ideal for the protection of stucco, Venetian stucco, marmorino… and all coatings based on plaster, lime or cement. It can be used inside and outside on vertical surfaces.


Surface preparation:

  • Apply the product to a surface that is clean, dust-free, grease-free and dry. Wait until the lime is perfectly carbonated so that the pH has fallen back.


  • Use neat, do not dilute.
  • Shake the product well before use.
  • Always carry out a preliminary test.
  • The treated surface should be impregnated to saturation point in two applications ‘wet-on-wet’.
  • do not over apply, eliminate any exceeding product before drying.
  • Apply from the bottom upwards.

Environment & Safety

Environment-friendly product:

  • Water-based product
  • Petroleum Solvent and silicone free
  • Non hazardous and non toxic
  • 70% biodegradable*
  • VOC < 52 g/l*

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet – ProtectGuard Stucco
Safety Data Sheet – ProtectGuard Stucco


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