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Guard Slip Resistant

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Guard Slip Resistant Non Slip Treatment Anti Slip Treatment

Guard Slip Resistant Non Slip – Safe, Easy, & Effective

Non Slip Surface

Guard Slip Resistant is an anti slip treatment that is applied to hard slippery surfaces to create a non slip texture. In many instances it is almost invisible, yet it produces outstanding grip, particularly in the wet. With it’s easy, long lasting, once coat application, it’s a ‘must have’ product for anyone with a slippery floor!

Don’t Use Traditional Toxic Non Slip Treatments!

Most anti slip products currently on the market depend on varying concentrations of hydrofluoric acid as their active component. Hydrofluoric acid is also known as hydrogen fluoride or by the chemical symbol HF. This acid aggressively etches most surfaces to create a rough texture to provide the grip. In most cases this significantly alters the look and feel of the surface entirely. If over done it can irreversibly damage your tiles!

Toxic ChemicalsBut worse than the damage to the surface is the damage it can do to you!  HF is extremely corrosive and hazardous. Exposure to HF usually will not burn the skin, or at least not straight away. As such many people don’t realise they have been exposed until the acid has migrated through the skin and is causing complications throughout the body. Hydrogen fluoride disrupts the electrolytes in the body and prevents cells from being able to work as they normally would. This can cause a myriad of serious complications.

Because of these safety concerns, you now need a special license to even be in possession of any product that contains more than 1% HF acid. To be effective, most etching anti-slip products contain around 6% HF acid. For more information see the hydrofluoric acid fact sheet on the Australian Department of Health website.

Guard Slip Resistant is a Revolutionary Non Slip Treatment!

Cross section of different non slip treatmentsGuard Slip Resistant contains no acids at all. Nor does it pit or etch the surface of the material. Instead it makes use of the silica contained in the materials as a natural anchor point. It binds molecules to this silica to produce nodules on top of the surface of the floor. This creates a subtle, yet highly effective non slip coating. This type of anti slip leaves the underlying material practically unchanged.

Please note that this product is only effective on materials that contain silica. Without silica the product cannot bind to the treated surface. Also, most sealers will limit the effectiveness of this product by stopping it from accessing the silica in the surface.

Guard Slip Resistant enables easier cleaning of floors in comparison with the same surface treated with HF acid. And you can top up the non slip coating at any time by applying more product.

Guard Slip Resistant is a completely safe product which requires no special precautions when handling. It is safe to use indoors and in areas with very little ventilation.

Caution: this product produces tiny white nodules on the surface of treated surfaces. On dark surfaces this will likely be visible and may affect the appearance of the tile. Always perform a small test on a sample or out of sight area. Since this product does not etch the tile, the treatment can be completely removed by mechanical polishing if required.

Other Anti Slip & Non Slip Options

Guard Slip Resistant is a great solution for existing floors. However, there are other ways of ensuring a non slip surface. The best approach is to consider slip issues even before flooring is laid. Then suitable product and texture selections can be made to ensure a natural non slip surface.

ProtectGuard WF Premium colour enhancing sealer on coarse natural stone

Guard has a range of full penetrating sealers which will protect against water, oils and staining without altering the natural grip of the surface.

The best way to bring out the colour on a dense natural stone is to highly polish the surface. But this also produces a very smooth and slippery surface. Protect Guard Wet Finish Premium provides a true wet out colour enhancement without altering the texture of the the surface. So you can treat a course textured stone to get that colour you love without the slipperiness that you don’t.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

5 Litre, 250ml


Water Based


Slip Resistant

Product Type



Guard Industry


  • Long lasting effect
  • Non-corrosive and non-irritant
  • Not harmful even to fragile substrates
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Non flammable
  • Eco-friendly


  • Coverage: 8 to 10m/litre
  • Clean up: clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water.
  • Equipment needed: low pressure sprayer or hand sprayer
  • Odour: scented


Guard Slip Resistant is used both indoors and out on inorganic surfaces composed of silica, including natural stone, concrete, terrazzo, tiles and enamel.

It is used by industry, local authorities, old people’s homes, entrance halls, sports halls, swimming pools, pedestrian areas, kitchens, shower and bath trays, and wherever floors are slippery, especially when wet.


  • Treat surfaces only after removing all stains
  • On certain substrates the treatment may effect the shine.  ALWAYS TEST FIRST.  If the shine is affected, increase the dilution of the Guard Slip Resistant but leave to act for the same amount of time.
  • On some types of marble the treatment may not be effective – test before treatment.  DO NOT APPLY to polished or crystallised surfaces or to plastic paints or acrylic paints.
  • If the non-slip effect is not obtained after the first application, apply a second time.
  • For ideal application and effective results, Guard Slip Resistant must be used when the temperature of the substrates is between 5ºC and 30ºC.
  • Do not apply in the rain or in very hot weather.  Air temperature between 5ºC and 30ºC.


Surface Preparation :
• Apply the product to a surface that is clean, dust-free,
grease-free and dry. To remove stains and dirt, use 
Guard Cleaner Eco Soiled Floors.

Application :
• Use neat, do not dilute.
• Shake the product well before use.
• Always carry out a preliminary test.
• Pour or spray the product onto the substrate. Ensure product remains uniformly present across the entire surface during the application. Add more product if necessary.
• Do not allow the product to dry throughout the period of its application.
• Allow to act for 40 to 60 minutes.
• Then rinse carefully with water.
• The treated substrate can be used immediately.
• Depending on the substrate and the degree of resistance to friction desired, repeat the operation.

Environment & Safety

Ecological product that respects the environment:
• Water-based product.
• Biodegradable > 90% in 5 days*.
• VOC < 1 g/l*.
• Respiratory protection : Under normal conditions of use where adequate ventilation is available, no special respiratory protection equipment is needed.
• Hand protection : Wear latex gloves.
• Skin protection : No special protective clothing or skin protection is required under normal conditions of use.
• Eye protection : If there is a real risk of splashing, wear protective goggles.
• If swallowed : Do not induce vomiting. Contact a doctor or a specialist.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


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