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Guard Remover® Eco - Efflorescence & Cement

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Guard Remover Eco Cement and Efflorescence Remover

Guard Remover® Eco – A Better Cement and Efflorescence Remover

Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement, by Guard Industryis the efflorescence remover you’ve been looking for. This product quickly removes efflorescence, cement, concrete and tartar deposits. Yet it is mild enough that it will not damage underlying surfaces.

Traditional Efflorescence Remover Products

Strong acids are the basis for traditional cement and efflorescence removers. These products are cheap, but nasty! Strong acids can cause all kinds of damage. They are dangerous to use and can cause serious injury to the user. Plus they will increase corrosion of many materials.

Strong acids penetrate deep into porous surfaces. As such, they are almost impossible to completely remove. Even with proper neutralisation processes. Further, these absorbed acids will dissolve minerals in the substrate. These will leach to the surface in time. Quite often, this creates worse problems and all kinds of stains can appear. Some common examples are iron (orange / brown), vanadium (green), and manganese (black / blue) staining. Or even fresh efflorescence!

What’s the point of an efflorescence remover that creates more efflorescence?

Further, salts left behind from acid reactions cause additional problems. Hydrochloric (HCl) acid is the most commonly used acid for brick and concrete cleaning. This is because it is cheap, readily available and highly effective. The main species left behind after a HCl acid clean is chlorides.

Chlorides can cause a myriad of problems. These include:

  • Salt Spall – when salts crystalise within porous materials. This forces the materials apart from the inside resulting is stress cracking. This in turn makes the stone or concrete crumble and erode prematurely.
  • Concrete Cancer – chlorides accelerate corrosion of steel. Chlorides left behind in the concrete increase reinforcement corrosion rates. As the reinforcing rusts it swells and cracks the concrete. This in turn allows more water in and the corrosion rate accelerates.
  • Desiccant Effects – Calcium is liberated when cleaning lime based materials, such as cement, limestone. If HCl is used the salts left behind are calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is a desiccant. That is, it absorbs moisture. It will even draw humidity out of the air. If calcium chlorides are left behind after acid cleaning, they will hold onto moisture and the surface may not dry out. This is most commonly identified by wet patches which do not dry out. Even after a series of dry days with no rain. Patches are most commonly seen in low spots. Salt containing puddles have been allowed to dry in such low spots. As they dry the salts are left behind.

Guard Remover® Eco – Cement and Efflorescence Remover

Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement is a new generation product that is far less hazardous than other products available in the market. Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence & Cement is not classified as either corrosive or an irritant. This cleaner has been designed in response to the increasing demands of users in terms of safety, effectiveness, impact on the environment and protection of treated substrates.

Guard Remover Eco cement and efflorescence remover does not require neutralisation after rinsing. So you get a quicker turn around, less risk and better results.

Guard Remover Eco is effective for removing efflorescence, laitance and concrete bloom. As such it is highly recommended to be used for surface preparation prior to application of our sealers and treatments. A solution of Guard Remover Eco diluted 50/50 with water is sufficient for preparation of most surfaces. Preparing the surface with a solution of Guard Remover Eco makes surfaces cleaner, with more vibrant colours and will ensure you get the best possible performance from the sealer.

Do you have more cleaning to do? Are you preparing an old surface for a reseal? Do you need to maintain an existing seal? Please check out our other cleaners.

Additional information


5 Litre, 20 Litre


Water Based

Product Type

Treatment, Cleaner


Guard Industry


  • Powerful stripper
  • Quick efficiency
  • Quick & easy to use
  • No need to pH neutralize after rinsing
  • Non corrosive & non irritant
  • Ready to use


  • Coverage: 3-6m2/litre
  • Clean-up: Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water 
  • Equipment needed: low pressure sprayer, brush or roller
  • Odour:  Lemon


Ideal to clean interior and exterior floors and walls.

Applied to all types of substrates such as concrete, natural and synthetic stone, terracotta, tiling…


  • Shake the product well before use and apply neat.
  • Always test on a small hidden portion of the substrate before applying.
  • Wet surface prior to applying.
  • Apply the product liberally to the surface.
  • Allow it to act 5 minutes maximum.
  • Do not allow the product to dry prior to rinsing.
  • Rinse the entire substrate with a high pressure washer once the material deposits have softened.  Otherwise, brush off using a thick bristle broom, and then rinse with water from a hosepipe whilst brushing at the same time.

EH & S

Ecological and respects the environment:

  • Water-based product
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • VOCs < 1 g/l*
  • Surfactants used in this formula are biodegradable to 70%* in 28 days

Data Sheets

Guard Remover® Eco - Efflorescence & Cement 2
Technical Data Sheet -GuardRemoverEco
Guard Remover® Eco - Efflorescence & Cement 3
Safety Data Sheet – GuardRemoverEco

5 reviews for Guard Remover® Eco – Efflorescence & Cement

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have used this on bricks with lime deposits and also on my boat to remove years of old stains, brought it up like new.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Excellent product for removing efflorescence for bricks and cement.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mr Blastit

    Powerful cleaner that can be used anywhere that acid would be too risky. We use it for sealing prep, efflorescence removal and to remove mortar splatters from sensitive surfaces like Colorbond, paint, windows and metal. Awesome stuff!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Excellent product James! It removed the 20 year over cement render mess splattered over clay brick pavers with ease!