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Pro Primer 575 Concentrate

  • 4L Concentrate makes 20L sealer
  • 4L Concentrate seals up to 100m2
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Pro-Primer 575 is a concentrated water based copolymer which is completely cementitious compatible. When used as an admix in concrete, mortar, screeds and plasters, it adds flexural strength to otherwise brittle materials. Thereby significantly increasing overall strength and durability. It also makes the concrete waterproof, so is ideal for use with outdoor furniture, water features and structures.

ProPrimer 575 works best when applied to damp surfaces. This makes it the ideal primer for plaster and screeds! No more long waits for render to dry out. This means you can now prime walls on the same day as the white set is applied!

This product is highly beneficial when used on external sand finish render. The primer will slow down moisture loss from cementitious creeds. This ensures that the plaster cures properly and is much less likely to crack and delaminate. The binding properties of the primer will hold everything together in a polymer matrix and will, therefore considerably reduce damage from erosion. This creates a surface that is far more durable and far less porous. in turn this provides the perfect substrate for painting. Paint will last longer, and will not peel off when it eventually does deteriorate.

Pro-Primer 575 is the hidden armour that protects your assets!

NOTE:  This product will deteriorate with prolonged exposure to UV light. Apply a good quality exterior paint as the final topcoat in environments where render is regularly exposed to sunlight. If required as a final coat, please consider using Water Based Sealers’ ProSeal 770 or ProSeal 896, as both these are UV stable.


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions N/A

4 Litre, 19 Litre, 250ml


Colour Enhancing, Satin Finish


Water Based


Hydrophobic (Water Repellent), Oil Repellent, Penetrating

Product Type

Treatment, Primer


Water Based Sealers


  • Non-Hazardous Material Classification
  • Adds strength to render cement
  • Exterior paints’ best friend
  • Very cost effective to method of increasing the quality of render



Curing Time:
– Touch dry: 30-60 minutes
– Recoat: 24 hours
Coverage:  20-25m²/litre depending on surface porosity
Dilution:   1:4 (1 part product:4 parts water).
(20% of the Portland cement content when used as an admix. Substitute this amount for it’s equivalent  in water.)
Clean-up:  Water
Equipment needed:  Pump sprayer or WBS CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) & broom
Odour:  None



  • For use on newly constructed rendered walls to minimise the development of cement associated surface cracking.
  • Use to bind and waterproof cement based materials.


Dilution: WBS Pro-Primer 575 is a highly-concentrated product that requires dilution with water prior to application.

  • Mix the neat product thoroughly prior to dilution.
  • Suggested dilution rates are:
    1:3 (1 part product:3 parts water)
  • Diluted solution should be mixed thoroughly prior to application.

Apply using the CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) or suitable spray applicator.

Best applied to a wet/damp surface to help draw product into the surface material. Use white colour of the product as a visual aid to achieve even coverage.

Dries clear. Allow 24 hours prior to painting.


Environment & Safety

All Water Based Sealers’ products are environmentally responsible. Pro-Primer 575 is an environmentally friendly product that is:

  • Water-based
  • Contains no petroleum solvents or silicone compounds
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • VOC < 2 g/L

Store products in a cool dry area, keep product out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children, wash up any spills by flushing with water, avoid  contact with eyes and skin, for professional use only, keep product out of direct sunlight, store in cool dry area.

Classified as Non-Hazardous Material.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet – PP575
Safety Data Sheet – PP575


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