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Stain Resistant Sealers: Impressive Results from Independent Testing



If you’re after a top of the range stain resistant sealer for your concrete or stone then you’ve got to check out this sealer review for concrete sealers!
A number of concrete sealers were recently tested for their stain resistant properties.  The independent tests were carried out by Stone Initiatives and the results for the ProtectGuard® range from Guard Industry® were pretty impressive!
The results showed that the ProtectGuard® range outperformed their big name competitors in direct comparison stain resistance trials. 
Stain Resistant Sealer Comparison


Stain resistance is very important when selecting a sealer for your concrete or stone.  ProtectGuard® MG was the only product to receive a perfect sealer stain resistance performance score of 5/5. 

The stain review results also showed that ProtectGuard® provided a better level of stain protection against all staining products except one than all the other products tested for stain resistance.  Together with ProtectGuard MG®, they were the only sealers that prevented etching.  To top if off, they are both more cost effective than the other sealers tested in terms of material cost.

In short, the Guard Industry ProtectGuard® Sealer range outperforms the competition in every category:

1. Better stain resistance & protection against etching

2. Cheaper material & labour costs

3. Safer with lower VOC's

4. Easier with only one coat application required.

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