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Oil Stain Protection

Stop oil stains before they occur with ProSeal 896 Concrete Sealer. Ninety percent of garage’s have plain grey concrete floors.  Reality is that cars often leak oil and once the oil has penetrated down into concrete it is virtually impossible to remove.

Oil stains are ugly and difficult to hide. For a fraction of what it would cost to coat your garage floor with a concrete paint, tinted sealer or epoxy paint, you can get it sealed with Water Based Sealers’ Pro Seal 896.

Cleaning & maintenance is still required for sealed concrete, however this concrete sealer can stop oil stains long enough that it can be removed with little to no permanent marking. Neutral pH detergents can be used safely to help lift any dried out oil and grease stains that might stick to the sealer.

Most Sealers Don’t Stop Oil Stains

Many concrete sealers on the market actually re-emulsify in the presence of oils. This means that unless spills are cleaned up immediately they will soften the sealer until the point where they become one with the sealer. At this stage it is impossible to remove the stain without stripping the sealer off. However, ProSeal 896 forms a strong acrylic matrix that is not affected by oil and it’s matrix is so tight the oil can’t seep through either.

While ProSeal 896 Concrete Sealer is exceptional at stopping oil stains, it should be used as the last line of defense. Minimising spillages of oils and grease should still be a priority. Ongoing oil leaks should be repaired or a catch tray should be used to collect oil drips. A handy tip is to add an absorbent material to your oil catch tray that can then be periodically discarded.

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