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New Warehouse Concrete Floor Sealer

Warehouse floors need to be tough! They cop a lot of abuse. They experience heavy traffic, forklifts turning on the spot, and materials being dropped or dragged across the surface. Warehouse floors are typically thicker and have a higher MPa rating than other concrete floors to be able to handle all this wear and tear. A warehouse concrete floor sealer needs to be just as tough.
Warehouse Concrete Floor Sealer ProSeal 896

Warehouse Concrete Floor Sealer Options

Traditional ways of treating a warehouse concrete floor are just to apply a densifier, or to use a two pack epoxy or polyurethane. Each have their pro’s and con’s. A densifier will penetrate into the concrete, to provide permanent strengthening. But a densifier won’t stop stains. Two pack products generally have very good abrasion and chemical resistance. But they are expensive and require very good surface preparation to ensure they stick properly to the concrete. All types of treatments require a dry, fully cured slab before they can be applied.

Concrete cures by a range of different hydration reactions. All these reactions require water. If the slab dries too quick the reactions can’t run to completion. Target concrete strengths are not achieved and, as the moisture leaves, shrinkage and settling causes cracking. Surfacing cracking on new slabs is almost always due to such insufficient curing.

In days past, curing was accomplished by keeping the surface flooded with water for at least a week. Nowadays curing compounds are applied to the surface of the concrete to lock in water and prevent moisture loss via evaporation. These curing compounds provide additional cost in terms of materials, and application. Further, all traces of the curing compounds need to be removed before applying any type of sealer. Removal of curing compounds after they have done their work can add even more to the total cost of the floor.

A Better Way to Seal Concrete Warehouse Floors

The team at Water Based Sealers have come up with a quick, easy and cost effective alternative. ProSeal 896 applied immediately after the slab has been finished provides a strong interlocking matrix seal. This seal has a number of benefits over other types of sealing:

  1. It can be applied the same day as the pour. This results in quicker turn around because the sealer will cure along with the concrete.

  2. The sealer matrix controls moisture loss to improve curing and provides flexural strength to the concrete surface. This reduces cracking and increases the final developed strength of the concrete. There is no need to apply a separate curing compound.
Burnished Concrete Same Day Sealer. Warehouse floor sealer
  1. ProSeal 896 cross links and cures at the same time as the concrete. The concrete and sealer become codependent. As they cure they perfectly interlock with each other to produce a final crystal polymer structure which is far stronger than the sum of their individual strengths.

  2. Since ProSeal 896 penetrates into the concrete and becomes one with it, adhesion is absolute. This warehouse concrete floor sealer cannot peel or flake.

  3. Easy to apply. Simply spray on one coat, as soon as the slab has been finished.

  4. Very cost effective. Typical applied costs are less than $3/m2. A good quality epoxy floor can cost 10 times that amount!
same day warehouse concrete floor sealer application

How Tough Is ProSeal 896 Concrete Floor Sealer?

Burnout resistant tough! As was proven on a recent install. These boys were so excited to get into their new warehouse that they had a party and, lets just say, things got a little out of hand. The lads had a great time putting down a whole lot of burnt rubber on the new slab. The next morning when they saw all the tyre marks there was a dawning realisation that last nights activities would cost them more than just a set of new tyres. The heat generated in burning rubber is usually too much for a concrete floor sealer to handle. The molten rubber and sealer combine to form an ingrained mark that cannot be removed without removal of the sealer. It looked like a strip and reseal was on the cards. But what happened next took everyone by surprise. One of the boys started kicking at a mark with his boot and the rubber just came off. So they got a floor scrubber onto it and simply brushed all the marks away.

Other ProSeal 896 Applications

ProSeal is more than just a warehouse concrete floor sealer. You can use the exact same sealing process on all trowel finished floors. Its cheap and effective for residential shed floors and garages. It is also very effective on new decorative burnished slabs. To seal a burnished slab you would follow the same process as for a warehouse floor. We even have some concreters who then go back over the applied sealer with the chopper. This creates a super smooth, amazingly tight finish that looks like glass!

Moreover, you can get similar performance on all types of concrete. By applying it as soon as possible after the slab has been poured you get all the strengthening curing and durability benefits listed above. It is commonly used on broom finished driveways and footpaths. Also on exposed aggregate immediately after exposing and acid washing.

For coloured concrete we recommend waiting until the next day before sealing. This is because anything that bleeds out of the concrete is highly noticeable on coloured slabs and the sealer will lock this in. Although this doesn’t affect the performance of the concrete or the sealer, it is visually undesirable. By waiting a day, any bloom, laitance, or efflorescence that is likely to develop will appear, and can then be effectively treated prior to sealing. This will ensure a more uniform appearance with greater colour depth.

We recommend using Guard Remover Eco Efflorescence and Cement for through preparation of concrete and lime based materials prior to sealing. It is much safer to use than acids, both for the user and the concrete. Strong acids not only dissolve the bloom but will also liberate all kinds of species from the concrete potentially causing more issues than they resolve.

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