Water Based vs Solvent Based Sealers

► Breathable – moisture can diffuse slowly through the sealer ► Non-breathable moisture in the substrate get trapped under the seal
► Low/no VOC’s ► Contains high levels of VOC’s
► Will not significantly darken the surface ► Can darken the surface to create a wet look
► Will not re-emulsify in water or oil once cured ► Will re-emulsify in oil’s and other solvents
► Nano film (thin tenacious film) ► High build sealer (thick film)
► Penetrates deep into the substrate for ultimate adhesion ► Sticks to the outer surface
► Non-toxic, water clean-up, safe for people and the environment ► Toxic, solvent clean-up, emits harmful VOC’s, encourages single use throw away equipment
► Natural, Satin & Gloss finishes ► High gloss finishes
► Will last up to 25 years as a matrix seal, 3-5 as a wear film ► Will last 2 - 5 years
► Can be resealed many times without stripping ► Needs to be stripped off prior to reapplication for best results

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