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Water based sealers generally do not have a great reputation.  But just like in the paint industry, there has been much research and development into producing water based, non-toxic sealers that will out-perform solvent based sealers.  The Pro Seal range from Water Based Sealers, and the ProtectGuard range from Guard Industry are outstanding examples of such research.  Below is a table high-lighting the differences between our water based products and traditional solvent based products on the market today.

► Breathable – moisture can diffuse slowly through the sealer► Non-breathable moisture in the substrate get trapped under the seal
► Low/no VOC’s► Contains high levels of VOC’s
► Will not significantly darken the surface► Can darken the surface to create a wet look
► Will not re-emulsify in water or oil once cured► Will re-emulsify in oil’s and other solvents
► Nano film (thin tenacious film)► High build sealer (thick film)
► Penetrates deep into the substrate for ultimate adhesion. Will not blister, peel or delaminate.► Sticks to the outer surface. Over time may blister, peel or delaminate.
► Non-toxic, water clean-up, safe for people and the environment► Toxic, solvent clean-up, emits harmful VOC’s, encourages single use throw away equipment
► Natural, Satin & Gloss finishes ► High gloss finishes
► Will last up to 25 years as a matrix seal, 3-5 as a wear film► Will last 2 – 5 years
► Can be resealed many times without stripping► Needs to be stripped off prior to reapplication for best results

If you’ve had enough of the toxic fumes and the issues of delamination, cloudiness etc that are often associated with solvent based sealers, not to mention the health issues they cause, then give us a call today on 0477 755 094 and switch to the cleaner, greener option of top quality sealers with outstanding performance!

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